The Mole, in all it’s glory…

Moles… or the chemist dozen, other known as 602000000000000000000. Just to sweeten up that number let’s just use 6.02×10^23. The number was created by Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro.. Let’s call him Avogadro, since he was the one to create a “mole” it’s also called Avogadro’s Number (creative right?) After our discussions in class and notes; I see a mole as a unit of measurement. *”A mole is what chemist use to measure the quantities at the magnitude of 602 sextillion”. Let’s say you have a glass of water that weighed to be 18.02 grams. You would have 6.02×10^23 molecules of water. What I have taken from this section is just how large a mole is and how we use it. What really shocked me you could say is just how large that number is, it’s inconceivable.

mole(a mole




)chemcat(this was painful to make)


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