3 Questions 1/31/14

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

-Finished worksheets and homework for Chemistry and Pre-Calc

2.What have you learned recently?

-Some new graphing techniques and understanding of half-lives

3.What are you planning on doing next?

-Finish up homework and planning to relax and watch the Superbowl.


Old & New Materials

When someone says silk, we usually associate it with high end fabrics such as ties, shirts, and pants. In recent experiments and discoveries we learn of the strength of silk, and how simple it’s composed of (mostly proteins). Silk has many more uses than just clothing, we can use it as replacements for damage ligaments and joints, for Kevlar armor, and much more. The Samurai Sword, one of the most well known blade because of the elegance, strength, and durability. These masterpieces took the masters of blacksmiths to perfect, and months to create. Using basic knowledge of how the elements react to heat and how to use that to their advantage to create such a beautiful blade. Both of these technologies go far back, but using both to help lead a way to new innovations and creations.

White Powder Lab

This lab required; baking soda, baking powder, and cornstarch, and how they would react against Iodine, water, and vinegar to differentiate them. The baking soda and water produced no reaction; with vinegar,it fizzled and produced gas; with iodine, no reaction. Then the baking powder and water fizzled; with vinegar also fizzled, and iodine, created a black liquid and gas. Lastly the corn starch and water had no reaction; then the vinegar, had no reaction; then the corn starch and iodine produced a thick black liquid. I could find out which powders were which, simply using the Iodine, because each powder had a specific identity.


My Passion

I would have to say that I am really passionate toward sports. Currently I play; Football, Wrestling, and Track. I have always been competitive and I love the feeling of dominating my opponent/winning, and seeing myself improve. Most kids don’t have the opportunity to do what I do, but I love pushing myself and being disciplined so I am able to transfer that into life and the classroom. Even though it may seem never ending and the punishment I put my body through sets doubt into my mind as to why I continue, I always find a way to push through and to live and push my body into the best I can physically achieve. I just have an internal drive that wants me to be the best that I could, and it helps having some of the best coaches in the state.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do” – Jim Bradley


(photo from: http://www.bjjee.com/articles/bjj-competition-and-motivation-do-you-really-have-what-it-takes-to-be-a-champion/)

Bouncy Balls!

In class we made some simple bouncy balls! As ingredients we used Elmer’s Glue, Sodium Borax, and distilled water. Mixing the glue and borax causes the glue to polymerize and become a flubber like substance. To get the best ball, you have to get have a good solution. For my group,  we used; 10 g of glue, 2 mL of borax mixed in a 1:10 ratio of distilled water (gram:mL). Using this we produced an effective ball with a solid texture and one of the best in class I have to say! The mass was around 11.3 grams, and a bounce of ~41 cm.

.                                          IMG_20140110_110214_262